Micro CHP

Heat and power for residential applications

Micro CHP generates heat and power for residential applications and meets the electricity demand in single family households, thus replacing the traditional gas or oil boiler.

Micro CHP is one of the most efficient ways to meet residential energy requirements.

SOFC benefits

Micro CHP based on SOFC technology offers sustainable and cost-efficient energy supply for households:

  • cost-saving: the micro CHP unit would save energy corresponding to two thirds of the electricity bill of a typical four-person family in Northern Europe
  • efficiency: the micro CHP unit allows generation of electricity and heat with efficiency twice that of a traditional power plant (without district heating)
  • emissions: the emissions of SOx and NOx are virtually zero
  • CO2 emission significantly reduced depending on the type of fuel used - bio fuel has no CO2 emission


SOFC units are fuel flexible and may run on: 

  • natural gas, which is widely accessible through existing extensive distribution networks
  • diesel for locations without access to the natural gas grid
  • bio gas, bio diesel and other sustainable fuels
  • synthetic fuels made from wind turbine electricity, in this case with no CO2 emission

As SOFC units can operate on natural gas using the existing grid, micro CHP units using SOFC technology can bridge between current fossil and future renewable energy sources.


In a single family household, savings in energy cost may be as high as 1000 € per year.


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