Topsoe Fuel Cell opens new manufacturing plant

Lyngby, 28 April 2009

Minister for Economic and Business Affairs Lene Espersen opened Topsoe Fuel Cell’s new fuel cell manufacturing plant. The plant is the first for the production of SOFC fuel cells in Denmark and uses unique production techniques developed by Topsoe Fuel Cell.

After a tour around the plant and an introduction to the potential of fuel cells, the Minister cut the ribbon for the new spray robot marking the official opening of the plant.

Minister for Economic and Business Affairs Lene Espersen stated: “I have understood that the opening today is the result of a long and intensive research and development process, during which you have collaborated with researchers from Risø DTU – National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy. I would like to express my thanks for this impressive collaboration. It is a great example of how business and research can take joint responsibility for developing new products which not only benefit the environment, but also have a great international business potential.”

The opening and start up of the plant mark a milestone in the development of the company and the technology, which is unique not only in Denmark but also globally. CEO Claus Olsen talked of the technology’s potential: “A successful commercialisation will definitely be of great benefit for Denmark’s image as a nation supporting energy efficient green technology as well as for Denmark’s future international competitiveness.”

Dr. Haldor Topsøe talked about the development of the technology and the economic venture: “We have put in considerable efforts to come from idea to an intermediary stage marked by this plant. Our effort has stretched over 10-20 years. If things go as we hope and expect, we will be able to proceed to a significant production and achieve a significant increase in turnover within the next ten years.”


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Danish Vice Prime Minister Lene Espersen opening the plant.
28 April 2009